"But, really, why does anyone create? You feel a... a restlessness inside, a need to make something new, something no one has ever seen before. You want to add to the beauty and the richness of the world with a gift, an offering that is uniquely yours. It's an act of selfishness and generosity, all rolled into one."

-- Bruce Coville,
The Last Hunt

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another Barrette

I made another barrette in the same style as the one in the last post, but it's on just a small barrette back, no filigree, so it's all tatting that one sees.

Once again, I forgot to take pictures of the individual flowers. Maybe if I posted more often I would remember to do these things. I did, however, take a picture of the motif I tatted to simulate leaves.

This is tatted all in one round, with the familiar alternation of trefoil, chain, single ring, chain, trefoil, etc. However, instead of joining each single ring to the two adjacent trefoils, I left the single rings unjoined and joined the trefoils to each other. This caused the trefoils to stand up a bit so they sort of cup the flowers (as you'll see in the next photo), while the single rings lie flat.

As with the previous barrette, I sewed all the tatted bits onto a felt... shape-- can't properly call that a circle, but it doesn't really matter-- then trimmed the ends down, sewed on another felt piece to cover the ends, and sewed the felt onto the barrette back. And here is the result:

I made this piece to match a particular blue blouse I bought recently. Today I wore both blouse and barrette (and a skirt, too :P) to a harp gig, and thought it looked pretty good.

The white flower is Linda Davies' Snowdrop, and the blue ones are her Bluebells; both can be found in her book From Petals to Pearls. As with the previous barrette, I put in more seed beads than the patterns called for, and sewed in the larger center beads. All threads are Lizbeth size 20. The green is color 668 Orchid Green Dark, and the blue is 703 Sky Blue Light. The white is-- get this-- white; color number 601 if you really need to know that.

I have some other things in mind I want to tat, plus I'm still working on my Jan Stawasz doily, so I should be posting again sometime soon.