"But, really, why does anyone create? You feel a... a restlessness inside, a need to make something new, something no one has ever seen before. You want to add to the beauty and the richness of the world with a gift, an offering that is uniquely yours. It's an act of selfishness and generosity, all rolled into one."

-- Bruce Coville,
The Last Hunt

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Squijum's Presents

This post is really for my mom, so she can see her grandcat playing with the toys she sent him. Yeah, I know. We've always spoiled our pets in our family, but we've never given them Christmas presents, till now.

And no, there's not usually this much trash on my floor; I just got a lot of packages in the mail yesterday.

He actually plays much more enthusiastically when the camera's not on, but there you have it.

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  1. I always gave my pets something at Christmas, after all it's their Christmas too, they see us stuff ourselves with food and open presents so why not let them join in. I hope he enjoys his presents