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-- Bruce Coville,
The Last Hunt

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Camera Advice Please?

The more photos I take of my tatting, the more disgusted I get with my camera. The flash washes out the colors (my apartment is kind of dark, so I have to have the flash), the autofocus doesn't do well in close-up shots, it's only 5 megapixels, which was pretty decent when it was new but is now pathetic, and the LCD screen is tiny and hard to see. Can anyone recommend a good point-and-shoot camera for someone who  doesn't know much about photography, that takes decent pictures and has a good macro feature, and can be afforded by a normal person? I've done some online searches, but there are so many cameras out there it's hard to even know where to start. Thanks!


  1. Hi, Miranda,
    I have been using a camera since I was seven years old and have owned many, many kinds of them.

    For a simple and inexpensive p&s, I have always had a lot of luck with Fuji cameras. I'm just telling you my experience, not pushing the brand, as there are lots to choose from!
    Fox : )

  2. I also used a Fuji, until my daughter philfered it. I also have a Sanyo and a Nikon. The Nikon isn't that great in Micro use shot, ironically the cheaper Sanyo takes better quality pictures. Of the two the Sanyo is one that I prefer because the flash isn't too harsh on my tatting. Also another thing that might make a bit of difference is to try and take it in normal sunlight, the curtain open and sun streaming in.

  3. I have the best luck by throwing them on the scanner....

  4. Thanks, Fox and Imoshen. I'll definitely look at Fuji. And yeah, the one I have now that doesn't work so well is a Nikon.

    Thanks, Krystle. I do usually use the scanner, but sometimes I have something 3D, or something I want to show in a larger context, and then I need the camera. :)

  5. Mostly I scan my work on a high dpi!!! No probs with the camera - I just point, shoot and run like the clappers!!!!

  6. Panasonic Lumix for me, great macro..and some cheap models available now.

    When you use flash try to stand some distance away and zoom in to get close enough, or crop your photo later.

    Take the same picture in several different kinds of lighting and settings and pick the best. Colours can always be adjusted later.

  7. Thanks, Tatskool. The pics of the leps and ladies certainly show your camera's close-up capability.

  8. They were mostly taking with the ambient light in a dull north facing room. As long as they are in focus they can be brightened later.

    One other think flash is not possible on the macro function guess it would just be otoo strong.

  9. I use a Cannon, both my sisters use Cannon, my two nieces have a Cannon, my dad has a Cannon -- that's ages 8 to 80 and nobody has a problem. :)

  10. i use an Olumpus Stylus 850SW
    its 8mp, had macro, super macro and super macro with led,
    it takes really good pictures and videos, yes its a bit expensive but i found mine refurbished for less...

    even better, its waterproof, can be frozen, dropped, stepped on, it takes a lot of damage...:) kids you know...its just a real good camera.