"But, really, why does anyone create? You feel a... a restlessness inside, a need to make something new, something no one has ever seen before. You want to add to the beauty and the richness of the world with a gift, an offering that is uniquely yours. It's an act of selfishness and generosity, all rolled into one."

-- Bruce Coville,
The Last Hunt

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Like It!

Here's the third large motif, this one tatted without mishap (I think). I really like the way these are coming together. The negative spaces between motifs are very interesting to me, and it will be even more so when the small motifs are completely surrounded by the large ones. I don't think I've mentioned the color yet; it's Lizbeth 606 Charcoal.

And here's the reason why I'm making this.

This formerly beautiful, and now sad and dejected-looking, pillow needed replacing. I really need a pillow behind my back because this recliner is just a little too big for me (I got a great deal on it used, so I don't care). But this one's lifespan is clearly over.

So I got a new pillow cover from The Slipcover Shop, in a plain lavender duck cloth that will be very durable.

And here's an idea of what it will look like with the tatting on it.

With two more row of motifs plus two rounds of edging, it should be just about the right size. I'll try to get a photo that captures the lavender color better, but I will clearly have to do it at some other time of day.

A friend of mine has loaned me an air purifier to see if it will help with Squijum's allergies. Let's hope it does, because the vet and I are running out of ideas.


  1. That is going to look super!

  2. Looks like that will be a very beautiful pillow!!! :)

  3. This is really nice and glad you mention the color what fun, so beautiful!

  4. The pillow will look gorgeous, like you I need a cushion behind my back, love the colour will look lovely when finished.
    I hope the vet will soon sort him out poor thing, not nice to scratch

  5. Oh, that will look pretty! I like having a pillow behind my back, also.

  6. I really love this beautiful piece, and think it will look impressive on that cushion. :)

  7. GORGEOUS! Well done, and I can't wait to see the final product, although I really can envision it now.

  8. Exquisite ! Not just the pattern but your choice of color is perfect, too :-)

  9. I really love that tatting and the colors together are excellent and it is only excellent because of the excellent tatting

  10. Very beautiful!

  11. A very pretty design...good idea to! Future project for me also...