"But, really, why does anyone create? You feel a... a restlessness inside, a need to make something new, something no one has ever seen before. You want to add to the beauty and the richness of the world with a gift, an offering that is uniquely yours. It's an act of selfishness and generosity, all rolled into one."

-- Bruce Coville,
The Last Hunt

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Quick Little Giveaway

A tatter who wishes to remain anonymous has made a very kind offer. This person has donated the cost of two copies of the "Angels in the Snow" pattern, and wishes me to give these two copies away to two readers. If you wish to be entered, just leave a comment on this post. It is currently nearly 8:30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time on Saturday. This giveaway will close in 24 hours, at 8:30 a.m. MST on Sunday. At that time, I will draw the two winners. These patterns are delivered by e-mail, so you MUST include a working e-mail address in your entry. If your Google profile includes your e-mail address, that's fine, but please check to see that it does. If it doesn't, or you don't have a profile, you can tell me your address in the form of "yourname at emailprovider dot com" so that the spammers don't pick it up.

A great big THANK YOU to the person who made this donation!!!

This is the latest one I've tatted. This time around, I changed the inner rings to LTR's so that I could add those beads. The thread is "Forest" by Yarnplayer. I really like this colorway; you don't often see these dark greens in a variegated thread, and I think it's perfect for Christmas.


  1. Hi, Miranda,

    Please do NOT include me in the draw!

    I just wanted to comment: this is very pretty with the beads! The colour is, as you say, unusual with the dark greens.

    I am tatting another, also with beads. Love the pattern.
    Fox : )

  2. Please count me in, Miranda. I'm about to email you about the other pattern too.(Head hung in shame :( about how long it has taken).

    Thank you so much for your generosity

  3. I love the pattern, and really like the varigated thread you've used, being a green fan. I'd love to be included in the giveaway. What a nice early Christmas present that would be. Thank you, Anonymous!

  4. Miranda,
    I would love to be entered in your give away. Thankyou, ANonymous!
    You are right about those colors being perfect for Christmas! It's wonderful for your tatting pattern that you done.

  5. I would like to be included in the drawing. I think that pattern is awesome and have seen so many beautiful ones displayed online lately!
    Hiskid66 at msn dot com

  6. I've been meaning to buy this pattern, but just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks Anonymous and your pattern is beautiful!!

    TattinKat at gmail dot com

  7. Oh I like the beads and the thread too. IF I were to win I'd add beads to the big central rings AND to the other outer rings too. Hmmmm, I'm addicted to beads, I think!!!

  8. Miranda:
    This site is amazing! I love your work. I'm a friend of your dad's at Oakhurst. I also have a mild TBI and have done crafts all of my life. I took up pottery in my recovery from 2 auto accidents in 1992. It took me years to get diagnosed with the right meds, etc. Thanks so much for what you are doing in your direct hospital care, education on this site, and fund raising. I'm doing some simple crochet, but I can't imagine doing tatting, much less making up patterns. You are truly gifted!
    Paula Buford

  9. Oh, I adore this pattern. Do please enter me.
    jilofalltrades87 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  10. please, enter me too! :)
    rostelamac at gmail dot com

  11. Would love to be considered for the give-away. Love the pattern. Robert, in northern Iowa. (dl11man at yahoo dot com)

  12. Tatters are so generous! I'd love to be entered into the drawing...I have admired that pattern for a while now, wondering if I have the skill level to make it. It looks smashing in the green with the beads.

    janers41 at yahoo dot com

  13. really like this pattern and the colour of the tread is awesome.. please count me in in the giveaway!.. cloelo@gmail.com
    greetings.. and thanks!

  14. Love the pattern, please include me.

  15. I, too, would like to be included in the drawing. Many thanks to the generous person who is financing the give-away. I really love the effect of the LTRs. tatknot at gmail dot com

  16. Hi Miranda,

    This pattern is very cute. I like the beads with variegated thread. Please put me in the drawing.

  17. How wonderful of anon to donate this lovely pattern! I really enjoy looking at finished "Angels in the Snow" snowflakes.

    chimaera dot rhine dot wile at gmail dot com

  18. Please include me in this giveaway, I would love to tat this pattern!

  19. Please add my name for a chance... Thank You Anonymous Friend!


  20. the lastest snowflake is very pretty in this colorway. i love the added beads. makes it look even more sophiscated.

    pls enter me in this giveaway. thanks.


  21. Hi Miranda,

    Please add me to your giveaway too. I would be delighted to win a new tatting book :)

    A HUGE thank you to your Anonymous Friend too!

    You are so right about the colors in the snowflake, just gorgeous!!!!

  22. Please count me in!!!!! I love the pattern it looks so beautiful.
    yeoldetatter at telus.net

  23. This is truly a beautiful pattern. Please add me to the list.

  24. Hi! What a generous offer, it is a lovely, lovely pattern indeed.

    I would love to be added to the list, if it is not too late!

    Thanks a bunch!

    yavamoni at gmail dot com